Select any two photos from your phone and combine them into one great picture by making sections of the 'front' picture invisible. You don't need to stand in front of a 'green screen' or anything. Place yourself on a tropical beach or standing next to your favourite celebrity! The options and fun are endless.

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After selecting the two pictures, select areas of the 'front' picture by dragging, and then press the colour you would like to remove (or just remove the whole selection). Once you are finished the picture, you can save it to your phone's gallery to show off to friends.


* Combine any two pictures from your phone's gallery into one single image.
* No need to mess about standing in front of green screens or anything.
* Simple to use - select an area and choose the color to remove
* Hours of fun - put yourself or your friends anywhere!
* You now now also make the photos sepia.

** This app is not endorsed by Justin Bieber or Prince William in any way. **

Download: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.scs.chromakey.main.full

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Here I've taken a picture of a skateboarder and some clouds (the pics that came with my HTC Desire) and combined them to make... a skateboarder skating in clouds!

As you can see, the reflection of the sun on the floor is the same colour as the clouds so this got removed as well as I accidentally selected it, but apart from that it looks pretty good?


Many thanks to the following people who have helped with the development of this app:-

Tom Bowers
John Carpenter
Richey Ward (www.riachdesign.com)


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